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Pastor Terry's Page
First Baptist Church Levittown/Fairless Hills

A Message of Welcome

Pastor Terry


We are so glad you have surfed our way. Perhaps you were looking for us -- or, perhaps, we were looking for you! Anyway, we're glad you are here with us in "virtual reality." Has it ever occurred to you that nothing
has ever occurred to God? It could be that God has been looking for you and that He has brought you our way in order to meet you -- in order for you to meet Him. If you live in our area, we trust you might give Him a
try by paying us a visit. We are a pretty user-friendly Church and are open every Sunday morning for your worshiping convenience. If you are not in our geographical area, too bad. We are concerned about you,
however. If you have any need or question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to be your servant for Jesus' sake.

We are an Evangelical, Bible-believing, Missions-minded, Loving & Caring Fellowship of Christians. We're not perfect and we keep God busy at His Business of being Patient and Forgiving. We suspect you might fit right in with us. God Loves you, too, and definitely has a plan for your life.
What have you got to lose? Give Him a chance. Give us a chance.

We are part of a larger Fellowship known as the American Baptist Churches, U.S.A. The "A.B.C.'s" of our Ministry are simply stated as follows:

Affirming A Loving God

Believing In A Living Savior

Claiming A Lasting Hope

Well, 'nough 'bout us. Let us hear from you soon -- in cyber space or in person! Perhaps we should say it this way: "Y'ALL DOT COME!"


- Terry

Rev. G. Terry Steenburg
Interim Pastor

If you have any qusetions please email me at the following address and I will do my best to answer them.